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ROLLING STONE magazine TOP 500 best songs ever

PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 18:50 pm
by capricorn
hello free radio and music friends :ahowy:
this month german rock magazine ROLLING STONE published their
TOP 500 :pirate-book: best songs ever. voted by american and
german journalists and rockmusicians. here are the TOP 10 of them:
01.BOB DYLAN like a rolling stone 1965
02.ROLLING STONES satisfaction 1965
03.BEACH BOYS good vibrations 1967
04.JOHN LENNON imagine 1971
05.NIRVANA smells like teen spirit 1991
06.ARETHA FRANKLIN respect 1967
07.BEATLES strawberry fields forever 1967
08.MARVIN GAYE what's going on 1971
09.BEACH BOYS god only knows 1966
10.BEATLES hey jude
any comments like "personal favourite/top10,which one is overrate or
which song is missed" are welcome
keep on rockin'


PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 18:57 pm
by capricorn
01.LYNYRD SKYNYRD free bird
02.LED ZEPPELIN stairway to heaven
03.ELVIS PRESLEY jailhouse rock
04.WHO behind blue eyes
05.ELTON JOHN candle in the wind
06.BEACH BOYS god only knows
07.BEATLES yesterday
08.BLACK SABBATH sabbath bloody sabbath
09.NIRVANA smells like teen spirit
10.THIN LIZZY the boys are back in town