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Taking pre-orders for 2011 Pirate Radio Annual

PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2011 17:34 pm
by Andrew Yoder
Just a note that I put together a small book that is somewhat like the Pirate Radio Directories of the 1990s. Those books were mostly profiles of all of the different North American pirates on the air.

This book also mostly profiles North American pirates, so it will primarily be of interest to North American DXers and those who listen (or want to) listen for North American pirates.

It does include profiles of the "easiest European Pirates to hear in 2010." There was no scientific basis for which stations were in here (but they had to be heard by more than just Terry & Dave...because they hear everything!). The stations included in this edition were Amica, Atlantic, Black Arrow, Black Bandit,Borderhunter, Cupid, Geronimo SW, Mike, Mystery, Marconi, Orion, Spider. Also included in the North American section are WNKR, Radio Ramona, and Radio Rainbow International, which were relayed over here.

All of that in mind, here is the ad that I've been posting on FRN & HF Underground:

Whew! Just wanted to let you know that everything's been sent off to the printer. Thanks for all of the positive comments! The extra 56 pages added more time than last year...or maybe I'm slowing down faster than I had realized in my old age.

Here's the updated info: A couple of “articles” in the front, 161 North American station entries, and 13 European station entries. Same specs as last year (paperback, 5.5” x 8.5” trim, color glossy cover), but 184 pages.

The CD is just like last year (except that all clips are new): Clips from 84 different stations in North America and Europe. Nearly all clips were from 2010. The CD-R is in standard audio format. If you use a tight slot-loading CD drive (such as in a Mac laptop) and don't want a label on your CD, just let me know.

Price is $26 ($16 + $10 shipping) to Europe

You can send US funds to:

Cabinet Communications
POB 109
BRS, PA 17214

Or if you're a 21st-century kind of person, you may send $26 via PayPal to If you take this route, please also e-mail me so that I'm aware of the transaction.


Re: Taking pre-orders for 2011 Pirate Radio Annual

PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 14:45 pm
by Andrew Yoder
Update: After a few weeks of printer delays, the boxes of books finally arrived last night at 6. I printed some labels & have just started assembling & packing up the books. It'll probably take me a few days to get them all ready and out the door, but I hope to have most done tomorrow.

So, if you ordered and you're from Europe, expect your copy in about a week. If you didn't order and want to, there are plenty of copies available right now :)